10 June 2020

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 Nancy Mac

Nancy Mac at The SeaRose

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SeaRose history: Beverly and Graham Lewis and Nancy Mac have been good friends since 1989. We often took random weekend vacations to various interesting places. On one memorial weekend, we stayed at a (really, really) funky cabin at the Oregon coast. Graham off-handedly suggested that we should look for a place to buy at the coast. So, we spent a day and a half looking at places near Yachats, Walport, Newport, etc - just as a lark, you understand.

But Sunday afternoon, someone pointed out a house south of Yachats that was for sale. The 3 of us fell in love instantly. The owners were about to embark on a round-the-world sailing adventure and were eager to sell. They offered to carry the contract til we could get our finances lined up, and even offered to leave their un-needed furniture.

So, by the end of the weekend, we were the proud (but a bit shell-shocked) owners of the SeaRose. We spent every weekend for the next couple of months working on getting the SeaRose ready for guests. Because that was the only way we could afford to own it - to share it with friends, and friends of friends in order to pay the mortgage and other expenses. We painted, carpeted, repaired the deck, scrounged up random furniture, installed a woodstove, etc.

A total labor of love.

Thanksgiving 1992- we celebrated with friends and family and began making the SeaRose available to all of you.

It is still a work in progress. We continue to ask that you refer your friends so that we can continue to pay our mortgage and upgrade those boring (but necessary) things like re-building the garage, repairing the roof, etc.


We appreciate that so many of you consider it to be a precious part of your family vacations and history. We invite you to send us any written reflections of your impressions and memories of the stays you've had at the SeaRose.

Nancy Mac at The SeaRose

Nancy Mac